Monday, December 30, 2013

Bitcoins: a reflection

In 2013 I became a so called 'early adopter' by buying a bitcoin. OK, I only bought one (1). Sigh. But as I call myself a "digital adventurer" I figured I had to be part of the emerging story about cryptocurrency. Maybe I didn't adventure quite enough, but I am in the process of rectifying this! Oh, and I did buy some Quark.

I am recording this here for a reason: I recently read in a BTC forum the comment that BTC will really take off when people born before computers all die out. Ouch. I have heard this kind of argument before - and perhaps sometimes those of use who wore 1980's hairdos and padded shoulders; or 1970's bell bottoms and peace signs may well deserve it. I have certainly worked with my fair share of people who don't "get" the digital age and have nought but a frown for those of use who Blog, Tweet or use FB. I have had heated conversations with friends of my vintage about BTC, and of course there is much debate about their value and future "from the establishment" that are fascinating to read. Also see here (but please scroll down and read the responses).

Perhaps I should sign this post: The Bitcoin Granny? For the record: digital adventurers come in all shapes and sizes, and all ages. BTC and altcoin needs us oldies as the experiment and innovations evolve, regardless of the outcome. I have no doubt it will get easier during 2014 to buy, sell and secure BTC and altcoin and to purchase goods. Long experience shows me that early adopters generously create the space for followers to jump on board without the technical know-how currently needed to even create an account and figure out how to play in the BTC sandbox. I am excited by what is possible, and what might unfold in 2014! For a look back to 2013, have a read of Lauren Orsini's thoughts (and forum responses, below).

Oh, and bitcoins are accepted here:


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