Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Being Digital"

"Being Digital" is a workshop I facilitated at the UOW LTC Showcase on 20/11/2014. "Flipping" can be a great deal more than flipping content, and on this occasion I used a simulation. So often we talk about "the future of digital" but what if we were in the future, and traveled back? I made this the question that underpinned the design of the learning space. Instead of teaching "how to use twitter" I created a sumulation in which twitter was used by those from 2044 entering a Holodeck with a wearable technology disc that gave them all they needed to know to understand the immersion.

"Being digital" LTC Showcase from Merilyn Childs

I took the role of an H-Connector (Hologram Connector) to animate the learning within the Holodeck.

I also used the following:

Orientation questions by H-Connect for all geo-social pods in the TechHistory Holodeck
Is everyone alright?
Just have a look around the room, and out the windows. What strikes you?
Let’s check your WT_Disc:
What are these?
What was “social media”?
Twitter? Hashtag?
What are your first impressions of what was called a “classroom” in 2014? #hackbeingdigital
Not all of you were given the same knowledge as everyone else (the digital divide). Let’s see what that looked like in 2014. (Note to H-Connects: this is a physical lickert scale exercise using the University of Exterter quiz (extracted from archives, see file WT_2014_12567  #hackbeingdigital

[WT= Wearable Technology. These discs are affixed, and all content therein is known immediately].

Dialogue about blended learning

Visit a project I built using Wix in 2010 where colleagues and I explore the meaning of "blended learning"